Los Angeles based electronic duo Spike Hellis comprises of Cortland Gibson and Elaine Chang, who got their start on Halloween of 2019. They will release their first full-length, self-titled album in April 2022, under their imprint Over-Pop.

Incorporating a wide range of elements from industrial, new beat and techno, to freestyle, electro and EBM, their dark, experimental pop is sure to make you move to the pain. It wouldn’t be EBM if the overtones of manipulation, submission and suffering weren’t prominent and here they certainly are. However, one of the many things that separates Spike Hellis from their contemporaries is the clever sampling and sound design. Their sequences are dynamically crafted and move effortlessly between all hard-dance subgenres.

Spike Hellis (S/T) is preceded by their first EP Crisis Talk, of which its material contents seemed to seep into reality in the form of a widespread global pandemic—all as they were getting ready to put it out into the world. Rather than playing a release show, they put the tape out digitally while under lockdown in their Downtown LA apartment. With tour abruptly cancelled, they immediately got to work on the forthcoming album. Since then, Spike Hellis has gotten back on the road and completed their first US tour in Fall 2021, playing in good company with fellow artists and friends such as Choir Boy, Fearing, Soft Kill, Plack Blague, Riki, Nuovo Testamento, Twin Tribes and Body of Light. They wrapped up thier tour by playing Day 3 of Substance Festival at The Belasco Theater in DTLA. In February, they will embark on a two-week long west coast tour and will also be a supporting act on ADULT.'s 2022 North American tour alongside Kontravoid.

Spike Hellis delivers from every angle. Primed for the after-hours warehouse dungeon, they utilize heavy amounts of fog and strobes timed perfectly to their live set. Perhaps you will feel threatened or slightly disoriented. Nonetheless, you will be thrust into their environment. While still in their infancy, they’ve managed to turn heads as they cut their teeth in the LA underground. Blasting their bleak outlook and spreading their gospel of disenchantment and sarcasm, Spike Hellis announces their arrival.

Like flossing with razor wire.
Smile for the world. 🪓